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Tire Siping

Tire Siping in San Bernardino, CA

When you’re in the market for tires, there can be a lot to consider. There’s the obvious, like mileage rating, and price, then there might be other factors, such as seasonality, and even brand. One thing that may never cross your mind when selecting tires is something called tire siping.

Drivers in San Bernardino, CA, Crestline, CA, Lake Arrowhead, CA, and surrounding areas have trusted the tire experts at International Tire Center and Bill Linder Tires, Inc. to assist with any tire needs. Now they can entrust our experts to help with any questions or concern about tire siping.

What is Tire Siping, anyway?

Many passenger and light truck tires utilize something called siping. Tire siping involves cutting slices across the tire tread after the tire is manufactured to improve traction and open up grip. Different terrains call for different types of siping. Some are designed to remove water from the tire tread, while other are specifically designed to grip snow and ice.

Benefits of Tire Siping in San Bernardino, CA

If you’re confused about whether tire siping is necessary, consider some of the benefits.

  • Can Improve Traction up to 200%
  • Enhances handling
  • Allows for a smoother ride

When you’re in the market for tires, it is a good rule of thumb to always inquire about siping, even if you don’t drive much, or don’t often encounter varying road conditions.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you own or the number of miles you drive each year, good tires are vital to your car’s performance, handling, and safety. Allow the tire experts at International Tire Center and Bill Linder Tires, Inc. to help you select the right tires, with the perfect siping, for your needs. We are happy to compare tires and answer any questions you might have. Buying tires can be confusing enough. Why add another factor to the mix?

Contact us to learn more about tire siping today. We are your tire siping experts in San Bernardino, CA.

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International Tire Center and Bill Linder Tires, Inc. 

International Tire Center and Bill Linder Tires, Inc. specialize in tire siping, winter tires, and providing light auto repairs. Both of our location proudly serve the regions of San Bernardino, CA, Crestline, CA, and Lake Arrowhead. From brakes to car batteries, we'll help you with your light repair or automotive service needs. In addition to tires and auto repairs, we also carry a full line of rims for you to choose from for your car, truck, or SUV. Our tire selection includes top brands like Maxxis, Mastercraft, Hankook, and more. Visit us today for winter tires, tire siping services, or any of your other tire needs if you live in Crestline or San Bernardino!


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