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Tires for Light Truck Fleets in San Bernardino

Light duty trucks are the heart of companies across the US, from delivery trucks to home improvement contractors.

Whatever your business, you need a dependable fleet. That means you need good tires and a good tire dealer.

A fleet tire shop with a knowledgeable sales staff can help you find what you need and get your trucks rolling again.

That's what you'll find at International Tire Center in San Bernardino, California. We offer a wide selection of light truck tires from leading manufacturers.

Installing the right tires can improve the fuel economy of your trucks and the number of miles you're able to go before switching to new LT tires.

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Signs Your Fleet Needs New Tires

Tire longevity varies depending on how much your fleet travels and the tires installed. No matter how good a tire you buy, however, you'll eventually need new tires for your light truck fleet. Here's when it's time to make the call to the tire shop:

    Low Tread: In California, steering axle tires must not go below 4/32" of tread depth and all other tires must not go below 2/32" tread depth. If your light-duty truck tires are getting low, schedule an installation service today. Low tread tires don't perform as well in wet conditions and don't have the same level of protection against road hazards as new and moderate tread tires. For safety and legal compliance, you'll want to make sure you have good tires installed.

    Old Age: Most fleets won't run into the problem of having old tires, but it's important to know that tread depth isn't the only reason to change your light truck tires. Some automotive manufacturers and tire manufacturers recommend changing tires between 6-10 years, regardless of the amount of tread remaining. Like a rubber band, the parts that make up your tire wear over time.

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Tire Service for Fleet Trucks

Save time when you have International Tire Center come to your business for installation. Our on-site tire service trucks makes it easy to change tires on your entire fleet at one time, so you can avoid scheduling headaches. Call today to make your tire service appointment. With International Tire Center, it's easy to outfit your fleet with the right tires for the job.

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